Monday, November 09, 2009

And now the fun begins ...

Last week was an interesting week. Little man started the week sick and shared it with me - I know, my son is such a great sharer LOL!

I also had a birthday present to make that I had sort of procrastinated on. I started them Monday night. Just a pair of pedicure socks. I figured that I'd be able to finish them by Friday night with no problem. Thursday I was mostly done with the second sock when all of a sudden I remember the birthday girl was allergic to wool. So Thursday night I started a second pair of socks made from wool-free yarn. Thankfully I finished it on time, but declared to my husband that I needed a knitting break because my hands were sore from all that knitting!

Saturday saw me at Joanns, signing up for a jewelry class (my 10 year old and I are taking it together and I'm so excited!!) And then I saw a sweater pattern. And yarn that I wanted to make the sweater in. And, well, Saturday afternoon I started to cast on! So much for my knitting break LOL!

But now, now the real fun begins. 45ish days until Christmas. So tonight, I started to make those lists I always swear I'm going to make much earlier in the year. It's time to decide what to make for who.

I LOVE this part - I love sitting down and thinking about each person and what I could possibly make for them. Then figuring out all the supplies I will need and just making lists. I love it! Now, I'll need to remember how fun this all is the week before Christmas when I'm stressed and worried about not finishing everything on time LOL! =)

So this week will be a week of planning. Figuring out what to make, what to make first (some things are actually started, some have to be shipped so they need to be ready, some are going to be given after Christmas, etc, etc). And I'm hoping I can get it all done so that I can do some supply shopping next weekend and then get started right away. I think there will be quite a few knitting projects, some sewing I'm sure. Beyond all of that, I just don't know yet! I'm debating on doing some embroidery, and our jewelry class is coming up at the start of December, and that might sway me on changing up a few gifts too! =)

The kids are getting very much into the crafty spirit - they've been talking about making ornaments and my 10 year old has already started to make a few Christmas gifts (which, can I just say, makes my heart swell up so much! I can't lie - I just love it!!) And we're talking about baking cookies and other yummies. I just hope we aren't overloading ourselves - I want to do all these things, but I want them to be enjoyable and not a to do list we're furiously trying to finish, ya know?

Anyway, that's what coming up around these parts and I am looking forward to it! =)

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  1. I just started my Christmas sewing in earnest this last week. I've been making lists in my head and collection fabric for a while but finally committed them to paper and started laying the first (and hardest!) one out. (Speaking of which, if you want to venture an opinion, stop by the made by lisah blog in my profile! I need opinions!)

    I'm hoping for a fairly simple Christmas this year. I wish I could think up a fun gift to give everyone on the list, but will end up making individual stuff.


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