Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So sorry ...

I just can't manage to keep up around here these days. I have pictures I want to show, books to write about and craft projects to share with you, and yet, I can't find the time to get over here.

I hope and pray things will settle down after Halloween (of course, then it will be the madness of Christmas taking over my life!)

Anyway, today I will be celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday. She is psyched. I'm emotional. Double digits - this is a huge deal in our house. I can't believe she's growing up and am just amazed at just how fast her childhood is flying by.

I will also be making freezer corn today. I have 12 dozen ears of corn in my garage - I won't do a full 12 dozen - maybe 4 or 5 (a friend is coming over and we are splitting whatever we get through).

I mostly have all of Halloween costumes taken care of - photos will be coming!

And aside from that, just trying to get through everything that comes up in a normal day around here!

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  1. Your oldest turning ten is a big deal. I understand there is some emotion that goes with that. You seem to have such a nice relationship with her'll find that her growing up is a wonderful thing if you two stay close.

    Looking forward to costume pictures:)


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