Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sneak Peeks!

This time of the year is always hardest for me to blog about. I'm working on gifts, and yet, don't necessarily want to share pictures of the gifts, since you never know who is reading this blog (and one time I showed a picture before giving it away and the receiver guessed! LOL!)

So, today you just end up with a few sneak peaks!

I have officially finished one project:


It turned out so well, I admit I will be sad giving it away. I will have to make one for myself after the holidays!

The second project has been started and is coming along so nicely ...


Now, it won't take many of you long to figure out what it is, but at least this way, you can't see how it is looking just yet.

The i-touch has been an important part of my crafting thus far, so I decided to throw it in the picture - because, really, there wasn't much else to show you! LOL!

I've been listening to episodes of Craft Sanity while working away. I'm on episode 60 right now - which is with Amanda Soule Blake, also known as Soule Mama and who I completely idolize and so wish I could be like her!!

I have declared this next upcoming week a major crafting week. I will attempt to get as many things done as possible from Monday through Friday. Tuesday and Friday I will have friends over and will get to craft with company - which is always so much fun! There is also going to be Craft Day on twitter Tuesday and Wednesday so I'll be over there a lot probably.

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