Thursday, August 21, 2008


I can see out of both eyes again. But my eye is still swollen - it's pretty bad when I first wake up, but it gets better during the day.

I consulted with my eye doctor today and she said if it's still doing that Saturday to come in and have it checked out just in case.

I have baked a lot of brownies today. We have a confirmed 105 people coming on Saturday to an outdoor party that does not have enough cover for all those people and rain - thunderstorms to be exact - is in the forecast for when the party is going on. To say I'm a bit worried or anxious would be, well, the biggest understatement of the year. I'm freaking out honestly and, well, it kind of sucks. But my husband says not to worry about things I can't control, so I guess that is what I need to learn to do.

Today I made a lot of brownies - not quite enough for 105 people, but enough when it gets combined with the lemon cheesecake bars, cupcakes, cookies, cake and other chocolate that we will have available for everyone to eat. All but the cookies I still need to make. And I also need to make the pasta dish (As a side, I bought enough to make 5 pounds. It should be a side dish for pretty much everyone there, does that sound like enough to you?). And I will do one batch of beans overnight Friday to Saturday and start the second batch Saturday am. I'm using the crock pot for this and I hope it turns out!

I am bit stressed about this party. It's coming quickly. Well, really, in 48 hours it will be done and over with! That's pretty crazy I think! Which makes me think there simply is not enough time to do it all.

Knitting has all but halted. I do not think, baring a major miracle or no sleep that I won't be finishing my ravelympics, but I made a good effort and I am proud of that!

On an unrelated note, yesterday we went to Brookfield Zoo. Next week I will have to share photos. It was a lot of fun - we were in the butterfly house for a bit - which was AWESOME. And we "petted" the stingrays too. That was a pretty good experience too. The kids had a blast. It was not the original plan for the week - I had intended to start my baking/cooking yesterday, but I am glad that we went. Although I feel even farther behind because of it.

At this rate, I will be able to make it to all of your blogs Tuesday of next week. I haven't even opened bloglines. I know it's going to show 1000+ entries to read! Yikes!

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  1. What the heck kind of party are you throwing? Are you making all the food to feed 105 people yourself?!>!>!


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