Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I heart Target

Today I went to Target. Not one time, but two times! Between the two trips I spent a littler over 3 hours there and almost enough to earn my 10% off coupon. If you do not know about this, if you charge 1000 at Target on the Target card, you earn a 10% off coupon! It accumulates for you but they only give you 1 a month (so if you spent 3000 in one month, you'd get 10% for the next 3 months).
That 10% is precisely why I was there for SO long today. I'm throwing a huge party in less than 2 weeks [Holy cow! How did it get here so quickly?! I thought I had more time!!!] Target was having some decent sales on things I needed for the party and I had a handy-dandy 10% off coupon that expires at the end of the month. Mostly I went for the pop and chips - both of which were on sale.
I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that with the first trip I needed two carts and one flatbed trolley thing to get everything to the car. And I also had 2 target employees nice enough to help. The second trip only required one cart, but we had to arrange it all just right to fit everything in there.
I also bought new shoes for the kids and some clothes for the kids - because I try to time that stuff with the 10% off. And we stocked up on cereal because the off-brand is pretty cheap there and then the 10% off. (yes, I use that 10% to justify purchasing many many things LOL!)

Anyway, if you are reading, and you have read all that, just try and guess how many 12-packs of pop I bought today. Because I counted 3 times the number shocked me sooo much. And indeed I believe I will have more than enough pop for the party. Now I'm worried that I don't have enough water for everyone. I only got 120 bottles - which works out to one per person.


  1. Wow...that was some shopping trip. I have never done it quite like that.

    Sounds like you have quite a party coming up too!

  2. ha! wow! the only time i've used two carts was when we first got married and we were getting essentials and spending wedding money!


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