Friday, August 08, 2008


I LOVE baskets. And my mom used to love baskets. Which means that twice in the last two years she has given me quite a few baskets. And they are all Longaberger, which is great because as much as I love baskets, I can not justify spending that much on a basket.

I especially love the baskets to hold my knitting items in. So tonight, just for you my dear readers, I snapped some shots of my beloved baskets!

Apple basket holding the pea pod sweater - which I finished tonight! Just in time to start the knitting olympics

So the apple basket, now looks like this:
Yep, all the supplies to start working on Hush-Hush, which I can officially begin tomorrow morning at 7 am. But truthfully, I have no plans to be up at that time LOL!

All three baskets currently filled with knitting:
(the little one is a sock just barely started, then hush-hush supplies and the belted cardigan for me in the big one!)

I really love the baskets because they are portable. So here is a shot I took during the day today.
Interestingly enough, I did not plan this shot. I was trying to get the dragonfly (which my 8 year old caught today and we let go as soon as dad got home from work and could see it!) But that table sits on the front porch - where I am often sitting and knitting or reading and if it's a really good day - both! The table was just given to us a month ago (also by my mom - we have many of her hand me downs in our home and I for one am grateful for it!) not too long ago. And I LOVE it too! It's so great to sit out there and relax while the kids are playing.

As hard as it is to believe, summer will soon be over and I will miss sitting out, hearing the kids playing and just being out there.


  1. I love baskets!! My house is filled with them and it drives Hubbz nuts. But, I tell, him where would all the stuff in baskets be if not for the baskets? And that shuts him up!

    When we get together, we'll have to go basket shopping. World Market is one of my favorite places for that!!

  2. I wish for your ambition for projects. I like to start stuff, and then I want it to magically finish itself.

    Very nice baskets!


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