Friday, August 29, 2008

Life in general ...

I think I kicked my bad mood to the curb yesterday - which is wonderful. I wish I had been able to do it sooner, but hey, it didn't last a week - which is sort of miraculous for me! LOL

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo. But it rained. And I'm a wimp and didn't want to be outside in the rain. So I backed out, and I feel bad, because my friend would have gone in the rain happily. We will try again tomorrow.

Instead I took the kids to a local children's museum. They had a very good time and I wondered why we don't go there more often - probably because it's 30-45 minutes away and sometimes the drive doesn't seem worth it. We'd probably be there weekly if it were 15 minutes away!

On the way there though I got rear-ended. No damage thank goodness and no one hurt. Just a boom. I made the mistake of yelling loudly "That lady is so stupid! It's all her fault!" (which ironically enough a young guy hit me and the lady who I feel caused the accident got to keep going but I wanted to follow her and yell at her and telling her to take some driving lessons because frankly she was a HORRIBLE driver). Anyway, when we started to drive again, my 2 year old said "we on the road. the cars go BOOM! and we get hit cause the lady is STUPID" I know, I know, I teach my children such lovely things.

Speaking of the 2 year old, he asked me the other day "mommy, you make me something with the yarn?" My heart melted on the spot. He's seen me knit from almost the day he was born (he was probably 1 week old when I pulled it out for the first time LOL!). But usually, he only comments about the balls I make with the yarn and asking if he can, you know, throw them and play baseball with them. So I was tickled to have my child ask me to make something - and that he understood I took that yarn and turned it into something else. After a couple questions he announced he wanted a red hat. So guess what, I'll be buying some red yarn very soon so my darling can have a nice hat to wear this winter. Which should work well assuming his red coat from last year still fits.

Anyway, in other knitting news, I found a knitting group and managed to make it back for a second meeting. I like this group - very nice women who are quite welcoming and funny and fun! They meet the second and fourth Thursday of every month. So I have decided that Thursdays from here on out are definitely knitting nights for me! =)

Anyway, that's all for now ... I have a sweater calling my name and a book that is begging to be read and eventually I must sleep because I will probably be running around the zoo again like a crazy lady tomorrow! =)


  1. I loved when my daughter asked me to knit her something the first time...

  2. OH no.. sorry about the accident.. I'm glad noone was hurt.

  3. Your son is a sweetheart. I will be watching for red hat pictures....


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