Saturday, August 02, 2008

On the Knitting Front ...

I have an almost completed Pea Pod Sweater (It is all knitted, included the neck area, I just need to put in the sleeves and deal with the ends!) Of course it is gift for someone!

I have completed the back and both front pieces on the Vogue Belted Cardigan. I started this much too long ago for it to be not finished. Of course, though it's for me, so that should explain why it keeps getting put on the back burner!

I signed up for the Ravelympics yesterday.

I will be knitting Hush-Hush

I can't WAIT to start it and kind of wish I would have picked something else for the ravelympics LOL! But it will be fun and I really am hoping that I can finish it during the Olympics! It just looks so comfortable (and yes, very pretty!). I got the yarn from a sale at The Blue Blog - so thank you Alison for not wanting to hold onto the yarn LOL! =)

I bought some gorgeous sock yarn when we were in Maine and so hopefully I'll have some pretty socks on my feet soon! And I bought yarn to make a gorgeous sweater but I'm kind of hesitant to start it because it might be a bit complicated for me, but maybe after Christmas I can cast on.

On vacation, I also purchased Knitting For Peace

I have read through about half the descriptions of charities out there. It's just beautiful. To think that yarn, that knitting, can bring together so many and can bring happiness or comfort or a sense of peace to people all over the globe. It just makes knitting seem even more beautiful to me. Of course the problem is that ALL the charities seem so wonderful and I haven't found THE ONE that I must begin to knit for right this moment. Right now, I wish I could knit more to send something to each of the charities I've read about. But, regardless of if I find the one I must knit for or just randomly pick one, watch for some charity knitting coming from me soon!

And, I just read about Mystery Stole number 4 and I want to join! I haven't done one yet, but I really wanted to do the last one and just couldn't make it happen. So I'm crossing my fingers that I can get in on this one! I have approximately 11 days to figure out if I'm going to join or not!

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  1. Good luck with the Ravelymics, that pattern is gorgeous


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