Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Junkie!

I am an Olympic junkie. I LOVE to watch them - all of them. I wish I had more channels so that I could switch between all the NBC channels to watch more sports. I have caught a few things here and there on the internet when I can.

The thing is, for this Olympics, I have been out of the house a LOT. So I've been staying up too late to watch the reruns of them after the local news. I am hardly out of the house this much, so it seems funny to me that I'm out during a time when I especially want to be in the house, sitting and watching!

As with must people, I am especially loving the gymnastics competition. Although - seriously, what was up with the scoring tonight? It just seemed so fishy! And all the talk about people's ages ... crazy. But I am also "digging the volleyball competitions - both indoors and beach. And the kayaking was fun to watch too - although I think it brought back memories of the trip we just took =)

My kids have been watching it with me too. It is so sweet and cute to hear them talk about it. They are pretty much in awe of all of them and constantly ask "who is our team and did we win?" My 2 year old is fascinated by gymnastics and diving. He keeps saying "Wow mom! S/he made a circle!" [as a side note, he is also fascinated by circles!] He keeps asking if he can make circles too. It's pretty cute.

My 8 year old has declared - quite firmly I might add - that she will go to the Olympics one day. She will be on the softball team and help the US get a gold medal. And if I was a betting person, I would say she will indeed be there. Except rumors are that this will be the last Olympics with softball in it. I suggested maybe she try to go with volleyball and that beach volleyball looks quite fun. To which she replied "Yeah, but they do not wear enough clothes for me." Which made me crack up!

My 5 year old seems to be much like me though. She is loving watching them. Just hooked on watching them. But if you ask her will she be in them one day she has decided that she won't be going. It just looks too hard and maybe she could just do some drawings instead! Which, truthfully, is pretty much what I thought as a kid too! Sports did not, well scratch that, they still don't come to me easily or naturally. I think I was born with the opposite of eye-hand coordination. I told her that maybe she could be a famous photographer and take pictures at the Olympics so that she could still go and get to be there and she said she would think about it!

It's so strange how I just get her so well. I know exactly what she means most of the time. And my oldest and youngest, well, they are so much alike - and so much alike their father. And it even shows when we watch the Olympics together! I guess though the good news is that each of our children has one parent who really gets what is going on in their heads.

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  1. So you have one child who will compete, one who will take the pictures, and one who will make the logo....the circles...;) Nice!


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