Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Sewing ...

So I've done a couple sewing projects recently that I wanted to share.

First up is my daughter's purse. She had this skirt that she loved - until she outgrew it. She asked me to do something with it so we wouldn't have to toss it ... so she ended up with this:

She is in love with it and well, I think it's cute too! =)
Here is a snapshot of the inside:

All of the pockets work (I didn't have to stitch threw them to get the lining in which was nice) and it's nice to see how much she is loving it! =)

Second up ... finally used this fabric from stash that I wasn't sure what to do with. The fabric started as a bedskirt for my daughter, but I never finished it and last fall I took the bedskirt apart and threw the fabric into the stash pile. Seriously, it was already the right width for the napkins, so this worked perfectly.
I have about 25 here - enough to get us through maybe a couple of days? But it's a start right?

The best thing about both projects is that they were primarily made with re-purposed fabric - which is really neat if you think about it! I hope to start incorporating things like this into more of my sewing projects ... well assuming I find lots of time to sew in the future! LOL

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  1. I love what you have done with your "repurposed" fabric. Especially the purse. Lucky daughter.


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