Thursday, May 01, 2008


Tomorrow my husband is packing up the kids and going out of town for the weekend. I admit it - I am looking extremely forward to a weekend to myself! The downside is the reason I can not go with them is because I start working this weekend. So although I will have some alone time, I will also work on Saturday and Sunday.
I am not sure yet how I will pass the time either. I initially thought I might sleep and maybe dust off the sewing machine and try to be a bit crafty (which I haven't been lately). However now I'm thinking I might spam some of my girlfriends and are if I can get some of them to come over on Saturday night and watch a movie, eat chocolate, and just hang out. We'll see - its not much notice I'd be giving anyone so maybe staying home and being low key is the way to be this weekend.
But of course, I will be feeling quite lonely. I will miss them all. I will probably wake up several times thinking I am hearing the little guy crying. And yet it will be lovely as well. Because I think the last time I was all alone was while I was pregnant with that little man (he is about 2 1/2 right now) and before then - well I'm not exactly sure! So it will be nice and I will enjoy it. I just hope that I don't get too sad!

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