Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Wii Fit

Because I am obsessed with it ... but I will have to admit that my muscles ache. My legs, especially are sore, but it's all so worth it.

So Tina requested some pictures of a Wii Fit work-out and I laughed, thinking, no way was I gonna let the whole world see me exercising! But then I decided that maybe I would share with you ... so, here I am, doing some skiing:
Yes, there are toys everywhere. Please, I beg you to ignore them because well, I have decided toys everywhere are just a part of the stage of life I am in and so it no longer bothers me anymore!

The strength training is the hardest for me by far (and anyone who knows me in real life will not be shocked by this). I was doing the push-ups/t-position exercise and I stopped. The game said to me (not kidding) "Hey! Your muscles won't train themselves" I can't type here what I responded to the game, but it was along the lines of whatever you nasty witch. You freaking lips don't even move so what do you know anyway? At which point I heard my husband crack up laughing at the fact that I was yelling back at a GAME! LOL!

But, I also want you to know, I am not the only person obsessed with Wii Fit in my house - so here is my 8 year old doing the tightrope game (which I might add, she totally gets WAY higher scores than I do on this game!)

But it's fun and it's worth it and I love how the game encourages us to get up and move!

Speaking of Wii Fit, don't forget about the giveaway going on over at Been There!

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  1. LOL.. I just saw your post for the giveaway for this and went over and read the rules.. I so need to do this..


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