Thursday, May 29, 2008

My 2 cents ....

not that it matters, but you might have heard about the uproar because Subway had a contest and specifically said no home schoolers may enter. (story here if you care)
Seriously, I do NOT care that they have excluded home schoolers. I CHOOSE to not enroll my kids in a public school. I CHOOSE to keep them home. No one forced me to do it.
When you pull your kid out and home school, you have to realize there are things they will miss. Sure, you can recreate some of them - art shows through co-ops, dances through co-ops, etc, etc ... but there are things that you give up when you home school.
I will NOT throw a fit about being able to miss out on a prize that includes playground equipment. My family does NOT need 5000 of playground equipment in our backyard. We are not part of a co-op that could use it. We do not belong to a YMCA to donate it to. I am not crying about being excluded from this contest.
I will not complain to Subway. I will not boycott them. I will not forward links to every person I know asking them to do the same because Subway must surely be against homeschooling.
I think many are making a mountain out of a mole hill! It's a contest to win playground equipment. It is not a law that is making home schooling harder. It is a contest sponsored by Subway.
I do not understand the big deal or why so many are so upset about it. Would these same homeschooling parents then not take part in a contest that was only open to homeschoolers? My best bet is probably not, but I don't really know and I frankly I don't care.
I just wish people would stop flooding my inbox with e-mails telling me to write letters and complain and not eat there anymore, because truthfully, I am NOT offended at all by being excluded from this contest. And I don't understand why other people are.


  1. Took the words right out of my mouth sistah! Yes, this is one that was supposed to benefit your kid's school... I don't need that much playground equipment in my back yard either. (although I'm sure at the institutional level, 5 grand doesn't buy as much as it used to!!) ;)

    Oh, and Scholastic and Subway have both "officially" apologized now for the exclusion, that they did not intend to offend...

  2. I always wondered why families who choose to homeschool get so upset when they are excluded from mainstream school events and activites. I remember hearing about a homeschooling family that sued so that their children could participate in the local school sports teams. That just doesn't make sense to me! I guess some people just always need something to be up in arms about!

    p.s. Tag, you're it :-)


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