Saturday, December 22, 2007


Christmas Eve is in 3 days.
Christmas day is in 4 days.

I still need to make: 2 paper doll holders, 3 binder covers, 2 bags for doll pins, faces on about 20 doll pins, 2 blankets, 1 pillow, 1 small penguin, 1 table runner, a set of 6-placemats/napkins, gift certificates, cookies, a CD holder, and a bag.

That does not include the items that do need to be done by Christmas - which is 1 table runner, 3 sets of placemats/napkins (6 in each), 2 shirts, 1 apron, and I swear I'm forgetting something (although, really, let's hope not!)

Am I feeling nervous? YES! Very!

Am I mad that on December 22 I am stuck in this position? YES!

I do believe next year I will do things MUCH MUCH earlier in the year. I already even have a plan. Because I want to tell you, making (almost) everyone's gift this year has been so incredibly fun! And I want to do something like this next year. I just would like to be doing prior to the week before Christmas LOL! =)

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  1. You were ambititious this year!! I thought I was good getting my 5 treats made and delivered. lol

    Very impressive!!


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