Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas round-up ...

I planned to come on today and tell you all about our wonderful day. I knew what I was going to say ...
I was going to tell you all that we had a delightful Christmas! That everyone had a wonderful day. I would tell you that our tree did not have an i-pod, or guitar hero, or a Wii system, or cell phones, or new computers sitting under it waiting to be opened. About how for the most part, everyone received simple gifts and all the gifts to my children from me and my husband were in fact hand-made. I would tell you that even though we spent the least amount of money in a few years, everyone was happy and we had a great day!
And for the most part that is true - most of the gifts were simple. Everyone did have a wonderful day. My children were happy with all they received and we really just enjoyed the day. However, yesterday, someone dropped off a gift from some one else - the tag simply said Santa - for our family to open. And the kids were in awe that Santa delivered one present early. I mumbled out some excuse about sometimes little things like that happen, and we would stick it under the tree and open it with everything else.
And then I kind of forgot about it - until we opened it this morning. And what was in that nice box? A brand new Wii, ready and waiting to be played with. I think my girls (and truthfully dh and myself) almost passed out LOL! I can't lie! We were all excited. My kids have played with them before at my mom's house. They were buzzing about making a me and playing games and how many cool games we would be able to buy to play with it now.
And so it was hooked up. Dh and my oldest played a fabulous game of bowling (I should have snapped pictures). My daughter made a little me person. And I have already requested DDR and the Fitness Pack thing coming out soon for my birthday (which is in May LOL!)

Not that dh and I were opposed to the Wii system (we have a playstation and a gamecube afterall!) we had simply decided we were not able to pay that much money for one present this year. I didn't even spend as much as the Wii cost on all three of my children's gifts together. I will admit to you that I am secretly thrilled we were given this (and yes, I do know who our secret santa is and we have already said thank you - although the girls simply thought they were telling this person how excited they were Santa brought it LOL)

And then at my mom's house, I received my first i-pod ever. I have another MP3 player that I enjoy just fine, but today I was gifted the touch i-pod. I still haven't loaded anything on it (the i-tunes software is downloading as I type) and I'll be interested to see how it all works and to even put my pictures on it - that will be fun!

And so I can't tell you that we didn't receive any of the hottest items this Christmas, because we did. But I can tell you that we had an absolutely FABULOUS Christmas - and I know it would have been fabulous with or without secret santas and kind parents who give even their adult children very nice gifts. We had a nice Christmas just being together and enjoying each other and just feeling so loved and grateful for all that we do have.

The next few days will be full of cleaning, doing laundry, playing with the new toys and hopefully just spending so more great time together =)

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