Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random post ....

I just wanted to write today to tell you all that tonight I bought a glade scented oil candle - (with a buy one get one free coupon I found at www.coupon.com) and I am IN LOVE. I am sitting in my craft room with the scent dewberry dreams all around me and it's soooo lovely in here now!

I had 3 of the bogo coupons for them. I was only going to use one of them to get a gift for a Christmas swap. I thought I would get 2 of the scented glade oil candles and 2 refill packs (because there are coupons for those too LOL). And I would have a nice swap gift at a pretty good price.

Well, I bought the ones for the swap and I kept sniffing them. I actually stopped and bought two candles holders for myself. They are so heavenly. And I'm still sitting on another coupon. I think I may buy it as a present for someone else I know ... truthfully I want more for me, but with the kids and all, I don't need more than two holders.

Although, really, if Glade is reading this and wants me to try out other scents, I would totally be willing to do that. Because someone from Glade reading my blog is about as likely as pigs flying, so it won't really happen, but a girl can dream LOL!


  1. Glad you are back!

    How is the furnace?

  2. Hey there... i finally got aroudn to my Homemade Christmas activities and posted about it today.


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