Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm trying ...

I'm really trying to write on a regular basis here these days ... but alas, I am mostly running around like a chicken with her head cut off!
My to-do list keeps getting longer and things are being added faster than they are coming off.
I can NOT believe Christmas is :::gulp::: next week!
I broke one sewing machine ... it might be ready on the 24th for pick-up, but they doubt it. The other machine we have here doesn't work right. But I'm trying to make the best of it. Some people may be getting IOU's until it's fixed. Or some people just might not be getting a present at all this year. Oh well .. I'm only human. I procrastinated too long and sometimes I just need to do what I can to get by!

By baby boy turned two last week. I wanted to come on and create some sort of sappy post about how much I love him, and all the joy he brought into our lives and how he has the BEST laugh in the entire world (seriously, he does!) and he pretty much woke up crabby and didn't stop whining all day and I just couldn't bring myself to write all those mushy things about him when in truth I was thinking for his birthday I might buy him a babysitter! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I love him to pieces, but he has been the exact description of the terrible two's lately. I'm sure he's feeling unloved and neglected since I can't play with him 100 percent of the day - that's when we have the meltdowns, when he loses my undivided attention, but I'm hoping "this too shall pass."

Of course he really didn't appreciate his birthday. Every time someone said happy birthday to him he put his head down and whined "I no want birthday." (He is also doing the same thing when we talk about Christmas - he doesn't want it, he doesn't want Santa to come, etc). Oh, but don't worry, because he does want the presents, cake and cookie. Speaking of presents, he thinks each box has a train in it and looks sad if it's not LOL! He is all about the trains ;-)

Aside from all of that ... I'm again looking for prayer requests. We just discovered grandpa has prostrate cancer. We don't know if it has spread or just how bad it is yet - tests are still being run. Hopefully we'll know more after Christmas.

I think that's all for now ... I have some shirts to embroider, bindings to cut, placemats to sew, animals to be stuffed, and paper dolls to be cut! And Christmas is only days away! Wish me luck, and if I don't come back soon, I'm buried under a pile of things to finish making in my basement LOL!

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