Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cold ...

It's currently 20 degrees outside.
My furnace just stopped working for the third time this am.
Thankfully the house is holding the heat pretty good. It's been between 60-63 degrees in my house today.
However, I am still freezing! And can I leave and go somewhere warmer? Oh no ... because they are basically squeezing our house in amidst all the other calls (which means when they are in this area, they'll come fix us).
Why am even more crabby about this? The furnace was just bought in FEBRUARY. Meaning it's not even a year old. It died all the time when it was new. They came in March and "fixed" it and I asked point blank - is it really fixed or is it just not cold enough to trip the system likes it's been doing? And they reassured me that it was indeed fixed and had nothing to do with the fact that we weren't in the colder temps anymore .... and guess what? The coldest day of the season so far ... and it shorts out again. Um yeah .... I'm thinking it wasn't really fixed in March so now it's the same old story.
:::sigh:::: At least I have a fireplace and 2 space heaters should the temperature drop too low in here (but I'm hesitant to use them because of the kids running around ... I don't have a gate around the fireplace and the downstairs is too big for the space heaters to help heat it too much.
Oh well. We'll live. We'll just live in layers! LOL!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am praying for you guys, I don't like to be cold and it doesn't get 20 degrees here, so I can't imagine!!!!

  2. Yes, you'll live, but I do hope you can get it fixed soon!!! :) Good luck!

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