Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sooooo slow ....

No matter how much I seem to try to knit the baby bunting, it's not going anywhere. I'm still only on the back @@ And I'm supposed to have it done for Saturday? probably won't happen. I think I should give up and move on to another project. I can do some nice embroidery things for them and those can be whipped up generally pretty quickly. I'll give it until tomorrow night and see how far I get. I think I can pretty much knit a ton tomorrow, but we'll see ....
In other news, yesterday I finished only one project. Had planned to get a few more done ... but did make good dent on the wedding items I need to have done. I'm shooting to have those done by next weekend. I think it shouldn't be a problem unless I majorly screw them up, which so far, I have 2 of the 4 items embroidered! Yeah =)
All that said ... I'm off to knit now ... wish me luck in finishing! LOL!

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