Saturday, September 23, 2006

Big Sale ....

A Jo-Ann store near me is closing down. So of course, everything in the store is on-sale. I bought several fabrics at 70% off today, and some other items at 40-60% off. I bought several patterns at 1.99 each - which is what they go on sale for like twice a year.
I feel very good about my sale purchases!
The official closing date is October 15. I plan on returning next weekend to see if I can get any more items even more on-sale! I know, I'm completely crazy, but a ton of things there today were only 30%. I get coupons for them for 40% off items so I decided to wait and see. It's not like I need any of these things, I just like them and it would be nice to have them.
Anyway, I spent quite some time there - picking things out, having my fabric cut, and then waiting in line to pay again! But it was a) nice to get things on sale and b) nice to be out alone for a while today!

Now I am working on a few of my projects. I am hoping to get the ring bearers pillows done tonight and to finish the baskets tomorrow afternoon. Then I'll have all the wedding things done! Yeah! So check back soon for pictures =)

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  1. It stinks about your JoAnns closing. That happened to me about 3 years ago. But at least you get a good deal out of it!!


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