Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joined ...

the sweater for my 4 year old has all been joined together. This is the first time I have joined anything together ... I'm so proud =)
I think it looks okay ... it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but yet, there are a few spots where you can tell, well, I still need more practice!
I won't take any pictures until it's finished completely though and I can put it on her!

Now, I got all the pieces joined, and then went to pick up the stitches for the band. Well, that didn't go quite so well ... I was supposed to get 255 stitches. Now, I just picked up the stitches and didn't really count ... I know it's terrible, but I thought maybe I'll just end up with 250 or 260 and I won't sweat it and just run with it ...
So I picked up and picked up and ended up with a whopping 179 stitches. Yeah, so I pulled them all out and I will retackle it tomorrow. I suppose I should keep a bit more track of what I'm picking up and kind of figure out the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4ths of the length and use that to my advantage since my just-kind-of-hoping-to-get-lucky method didn't work.

For now I'm off to work on cutting out some Halloween costume pieces ... all children are asleep and I can't really work on it when babyboy is awake (I have to cut on the floor and he assumes that anything on the floor was put there simply for him to play with, touch, try to eat, etc and pins and scissors are not really good for a 9 month old to play with!)

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