Friday, September 29, 2006

Blogrolling ...

You might notice a new "Blogs I read section" over on the side there.
I finally had a chance to update all the blogs I read! The links I had before were just a small sampling of journals I read ... today I put in 48 links to my blogrolling account!
The sad thing is these are merely the knitting/crafting journals I read! I didn't add the other 30-some misc. journals I read ... that will be for another day!
At this point, I have it set up to just show 20 random blogs from the list when you come here. I think I'll keep it that way instead of the complete list showing all the time.
Speaking of other blogs I read ... I try very hard to leave comments for others. I admit, I am feeling left out with lack of comments on my blog. So if you are out there reading this (and supposedly I have a few people here each day) feel free to leave even just a hi!

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