Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring cleaning ...

I have had a few projects on needles for quite some time now. My goal for the next few weeks is to finish up those unfinished projects (with knitting) and then start with a clean slate with my knitting! I think I have counted four projects that are unfinished. I'm kind of surprised that there are only 4, but I think that is because I've been forced to finish most projects to get the needles off of them! I bet if I had more extra needles around, I'd have more unfinished projects laying the house.

Of course, I have several unfinished cross stitch projects, but those are all in storage, and I have a HUGE box of unfinished sewing projects. Maybe I'll do those ones next year ;-)

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  1. Good for you. Four UFO's is not bad at all for a crafter and young mom. I am almost afraid to learn to knit for that very reason--I am a better "starter" than "finisher." It'll feel good to you, though, to finish the UFO's and start fresh. I have a few in the works myself--several drawstring bags for Katrina vics and the homeless nearby, plus a quilt I'm making for a child in Romania through Warm the World. You could always send your "undecideds" there. Perhaps if the hat doesn't fit a child, it would fit a relief worker?


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