Thursday, March 16, 2006


So today I went to visit the LYS - the one that is only a few blocks from my house, that I tried to walk to last year but they were closed that day ...
Anyway, apparently they are closing in 1-2 months, unless a buyer can be found.
Oh sure, I finally decide to go and they might be closing? It kind of makes me wish that I had the money to buy it! LOL! Not that I do, not that I have part of it, or half of it, or any of it LOL!!!!
I will say though, that the store was a bit of a dissapointment to me ... I mean, it wasn't an awful store, but it wasn't well kept either. The pattern books were not arranged in any way that I could see. The displays were not done that well, there were not sample swatches to see how different yarn would stitch out, it was cluttered and crowded. But yet at the same time, my guess is if I shopped there more often, it's one of those places were most of the customers are regulars and they probably only have a few workers and it would be one of those places where you would know most of the other customers and all the workers, and not only would you shop, but you would chat and catch up and that seems nice to me.
I guess for now, I suppose I'll have to visit weekly and see if things start to get put on sale. If it is going to close, my guess is she would have to discount everything to get it out of the store ... but we'll see!! I plan to at least drive by once a week to see if signs are up or anything like that.

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