Monday, March 20, 2006

First preemie project booties

One pair of booties done.

to show you there size, here they are next to a beanie baby ...

and in my hand ...

I seriously just look at these booties and want to cry. There are babies out there that are this tiny. :-( Poor things. I can't imagine ... one pair of booties doesn't seem like enough.
But I'm going to keep knitting them ... they knit up fast. And I hope I can make bunches and bunches of them to send out.


  1. Yep, those booties would have fit Corey when he was born.
    They are so cute!
    What a lovely thing for you to do

  2. They're beautiful, Brandie! Good job. I'm sure the parents of the baby who wears them will feel blessed by your caring.

  3. Whoa, those are small! I can't even fathom it compared to my pollywog!

  4. Adorable.
    The sad thing is, those booties are probably big on some of those preemies!


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