Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ramblings ....

So I haven't knitted ina few days.
I have been reading. I have been reading Janet Evanovich. I am so in love with her Stephanie Plum series it isn't funny. In the last week I polished off book four, five and six. I NEED to get to the library tomorrow to get some more. I admit it. I just want to read about Plum, Morelli, Ranger, Grandma, etc ...
Since I ran out of Plum books to read, I have picked up the Elm Creek Quilt book series. And of course, now I want to run out and learn to quilt @@ I'm such a dork! LOL!
Although today I picked up some material to make myself a skirt for Easter. I do believe this is the first thing that I have sewn for myself. We'll see how it turns out. I also want to knit a wrap to match it. Just have to hope I can find yarn locally, but I'm not crossing my fingers because although it's Lion Brand Microspun that I want, I want it in a purple/lilac color and hte stores by me generally only stock a few of the colors of that yarn. Hopefully I can figure something out though ...
So now I have more projects than I should have on my plate.
And oh yeah, I bought 19 patterns today - hey they were on-sale! So I brought my wish list and picked out what I could LOL!!! I also have a few other sewing projects I want to start (and hopefully complete), along with a few knitting projects that are on the needles tomorrow that I want to finish.

Ay yi yi! Pretty soon I'm going to need to get a job to support my crafting habit! LOL!


  1. I read Stephanie Plum from the library, and had to go out and buy them all. I read them over and over, and howl with laughter every time!

  2. I just discovered these books and I too am crazy about them and plowing through them really quickly. Aren't they fabulous?


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