Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Skirt progress ...

Well here's what I'm aiming for:

Pattern and fabric

fabric again

Right now I have all the pieces cut out and it's about, oh, 65% done. There are a few problems though. The first being, I don't think the thing will fit me @@ Maybe if my waist would go down an inch, but we'll see ....
Second, I think it's going to be way too long. I like above the knee skirts, but not way above the knee, this one will be below. Generally easy enough to fix ... but the overskirt fabric came with that edge and it's supposed to be the bottom of the skirt. Without thinking, when I sewed the sides, I trimmed it close. But in order to adjust teh overskirt, I need to eliminate fabric at the top, not the bottom. Which means I have to then redo the opening for the zipper. But now when I rip the seam open, there is harldy any extra thanks to my trimming. Grrr ... I should have waited and I know that too. But I think I can make it work, but there will absolutely be no room for error this time.

On other project notes:
* I have yet to complete something red or pink, which means I'll probably fail for the first month of project spectrum since there are only a few days left.
* I am having a hard time finding the yarn I need to make my daughter's sweaters.
* I still am unsure about which wrap to make. But if the skirt doesn't fit then it's a moot point.

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