Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Socks! One of the projects unfinished on needles

I think the stripes lined up pretty well! It was self stripping yarn, but I can't remember which brand

This was one of my spring cleaning projects. Now I only have 2 things on needles to finish (one scarf and one baby blanket). Teh scarf is red and the baby blanket is pink, so they will also double as my Project Spectrum for the month! How nice ;-)

And I bought a pattern today to make sweaters for my girls. It's from the spring/summer 2006 Family Cicle Easy Knitting Magazine ... maybe tomorrow I'll snap a pic of it while I am ordering the yarn I need! =)


  1. Handknits socks--love them! I have tried a pair and I gave up after one, I don't think knitting is my cup of tea. Maybe someday when I have a lot more patience!

    I love the picture of you knitting while holding your wee one--so cute!

  2. Love them! They are so funky!


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