Thursday, March 02, 2006

Getting Serious ...

Okay, I'm getting serious over here.
I printed off about 50 preemie patterns tonight. Now all I need to do is check over needle stash, buy yarn, and officially register on The Preemie Project and I'm all set to get started!
Some of the patterns are so cute and sweet too! I know that it will be fun to knit them up and get them all together.
I'm hoping that I can do 25 sets - matching hats, booties/socks, and a blanket. We'll see if my children cooperate with that plan though LOL!!! I know that I will give it my best and whatever I can accomplish I will do with a happy heart =)

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  1. happy knitting..Glad you joined the 25 things for charity. its just so wonderful to help someone..
    take care,


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