Friday, January 20, 2012

My newest obssession

So, I have new obsession in my life. It's a television called called Downton Abbey

I first heard people talking about it on twitter and didn't get the fuss. But now? I'm hooked! It's a period drama (set in the early 20th century) set in Northern England {also, someone correct me if I'm wrong}. The show revolves around the Earl and Lady Grantham family, their mother, their three daughters and of course the staff - which there are plenty of. Valets, butler, maid, housemaid, footmen, etc.

And I? Am in love? I'd like to go live there. At Downton Abbey. {Um, no, it is not fictional. Downton exists. And I'm sure the Granthams do too! Okay just kidding. I know it's fiction, but seriously, I'm still going to pretend it's not lol!}

The history woven in it? The titanic sinks! Women fighting for the right to vote! World War I! I'm absolutely hooked. {I also enjoy historical fiction when I read so this shouldn't be a surprise}.  My 12 year old is as big of a fan as I am and so she's been watching with me (which I love!). The other two will watch it if they are in the room. And they know some of the characters. Their favorite though is Dowager Countess Grantham but mostly because she is played by Maggie Smith who played Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter films!

I'm not quite sure who my favorite character is yet. I was really drawn to Mr. Bates. And also to Anna. But I'll leave it at that.

Season 1 is available on netflix and someone said for Amazon Prime members (I'm not positive though because I am not!) and season 2 just started last week. I think the first two episodes can be seen at if you are curious to see what it's all about! Also, it is worth noting, I was not asked to write this. No one asked me to watch the show. I just love it that much. That I want to tell you about it! =)

Anyway, what are your guilty pleasures right now? Share with me! =)


  1. Downton Abbey? I'll have to check it out.

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    You have me very interested in this. I am going to look into it. Thx!

    (My guilty pleasure is reading in my PJ's. I have this coming week off and plan to spend it curled around my kindle.)

  3. I've been seeing this mentioned on Twitter a LOT the past couple weeks. I assumed it was an HBO thing and so didn't look into it at all. I'm with you on the historical fiction. Great. Now there's something else I need to catch up on ;)


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