Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Unsung Hero: My mom

This gorgeous woman is my mother. My amazing mother. Who has stood by my side and always has been there for me. I'm so lucky this smart, strong woman is the one who raised me. Okay, okay, so I didn't always appreciate her wisdom or advice in the teen years, but I always knew she was pretty incredible.

But, for the past 9 months she has been even more amazing than normal. She drove me to so many of doctor's appointments. She has helped with the kids. She has been generous with her time and also, completely spoils my entire family! Several times I called her when I was down, and she hopped in her car and drove over here to hug me. I don't know how we could have gotten through this without her help and love and kindness and generosity.

Not only that, but my mom is a survivor too - she had breast cancer when she was 30. Although our treatments were vastly different, cancer is cancer. And it's a scary thing to face. And when you are juggling that, and your family, and your job - it's not easy.

But she is an amazing woman. I'm so proud to call her my mom. I'm so grateful she is always there, by my side, ready with a hug when I need her. It doesn't matter that I'm 32. It doesn't matter that I'm a mom myself. She's my mom. And I'm blessed to have her.


  1. Yeah. Your Mom is pretty cool. I've met her, and feel lucky to have done so.


  2. You are soo cool having the cool mom!

  3. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Let it be said that "no one loves you like your mother!" True. xo Chris, San Diego

  4. I love this post!! We are so close to our mom too and it really makes such a difference. There is nothing like the comfort of your mom:-) Thinking about you girl and hoping you are on an up swing soon!!!

    xoxo Anna


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