Thursday, February 08, 2007


Tongith we made some Valentine's for the girls. They need them tomorrow (of course, do you expect me to be more on top of things than to do them the night before?!)
A sample of A's valentine's

And a sample of M's Valentine's. Keep in mind she is 4 years old, but I cut out the shape of the paper, folded and punched and they both decorated them by themselves with stickers and stamps. I think even M's look cute. So I think this is a good project for those of all ages!

Now really, aren't they just cute? I found them at Old School Acres. Now mine do look a tab different. Not on purpose, but because I looked at the her web page earlier and apparently my brain changed a few details from this morning to this evening! But I do like how ours turned out!


  1. They are very cute indeed!

  2. I love your valentines! And I especially love the fact that you made them with your kids, they're so much more special that way.

  3. they look great!! I love how you did the ribbon at the bottom. What a cute change to the pattern. I may try that, too!

  4. How cute! I'll bet the kids loved them.


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