Monday, February 12, 2007

Devil in the White City

A very interesting, but gruesome, book.
I was fascinated with a lot of the history in the story - the world's fair, the city of Chicago, the labor movement, things happening at the time. Since I now live near Chicago, I was fascinated with the story from that standpoint. Many things in the book, I didn't know before - and really, some even very small facts caught my eye - i.e. Shredded Wheat was introduced at the fair and most people didn't think anyone would like it and yet, we still eat it today!
I can also say I have never heard of Dr. H. H. Holmes prior to reading this story - such a criminal back them, creating all kinds of buzz among people, shocking them to the core with the crimes he committed, and cow, well, worse criminals or perhaps more recent criminals have upstaged his fame and caused people like me to not even have heard of him!
So much information in the book that was interesting - but because of all the information, I had to read it at a slower pace than many of my fiction books, and so I read several fiction books while reading this book. That, however, is not an indication to say I didn't like the book, just to say I needed breaks from it, time to absorb what I was reading and take a break from all the stuff and read a bit of fluff truth be told!

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  1. This is one that's on my list. I'm looking forward to reading it. May read something light along with it for those necessary breaks.


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