Friday, January 12, 2007

New things to love!

As if I don't already have a list a mile long of things that I love to do, I have found another thing to add to the list.
It seems as if over the course of the last few months I have falling in love with cooking!

Now this may surprise you if in the past you have ever discussed cooking with me, as it used to be something I "had" to do, I didn't really want to do it, I pawned it off to others as much as I could and generally avoided it like the plague.
And now, all of a sudden, I am loving it. In the last two months I have acquired several cooking magazines and new cookbooks. I am having fun flipping through them and picking out new things to make, I am planning my dinners a month at a time, I enjoy writing up my grocery list as I see all the ingrediants to make certain meals. It has truly been fabulous!
Of course my dh is loving it. Almost every night he comes in and mentions how good it smells around here and comes to see what we are eating for dinner.
I am learning to make more and more things from scratch and attempting dishes just a year ago I would not have tried because I would have been sure it was too hard, too complicate, and probably would taste bad anyway. So far on my new cooking spree I haven't made anything that dh or I haven't liked ... a few things haven't been big hits with the kids - but some of those dishes have been unexpectedly quite rich and I can understand why they wouldn't particularly enjoy it!
One in particular - artichoke something pasta was like that. I thought it was fabulous, but it was quite rich and even I could only eat a bit! It was not shocking when the kids didn't care for it, but I was surprised to see dh go for seconds!
Anyway, I am having fun with all of this cooking! And I think overall the family is excited about it too!

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  1. God, I die looking at a stove. The only part about cooking I can do is the ordering and the buying. hehehe hats off to you and all others that find pleasure in such activities. It is cause of you all that I am alive (yes I mooch off you often but make it up with great entertainment!)


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