Sunday, January 28, 2007

Death of a Salesman

A few days ago I finished Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller.

It was an okay read. It went really quickly too ... I think it would make more sense to me as the play version and not the print version.
I also think I don't enjoy reading plays all that much, even if the actual play itself is fabulous, if that makes sense.
It was an interesting story for sure. I didn't dislike the story, I just really dislike reading the play format. The family relationships were interesting.
I also thought the whole naming the play after what the ending is was pretty interesting! That we knew without a doubt the ending, which for me is generally confined to non-fiction.

This book was read for the Winter Classics Challenge.

Anyway, I have been flying through my books lately, but not so much flying through the sewing and knitting projects I would like to accomplish. This is because my current schedule is being turned upside down ... where basically I am trying to not stay up very late at night as it's not the best thing for my family. It means I am currently laying in bed for usually an hour at least trying to readjust my sleep schedule instead of working on craft projects. I do hope after the move and after readjusting my schedule (so maybe March-ish) I will reclaim my crafting time, but in the am before the children wake up instead of late at night.
We will see where that takes me. For now, it means that my crafting time is very limited and I'm doing what I can when I can while the kids are awake, but it's not much at all.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and for your words of encoruagement! I love ARthur Miller, but I also have trouble reading plays. I did it in high school and college, but only for assignments, and I don't think I've read one since.


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