Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another finish ...

Today I finished

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

This book was a read for the Winter Reading Classics Challenge.
Great book! Some parts I just had to read out loud ... although I was reading a translated version, it was still so beautiful to just hear.
I did read it slowly though ... I tend to be a skimmer, and this was not a book to be skimmed. So sometimes I got to the end of the page, realized I skimmed and needed to reread.
Also, there was a glossary in the back - it was interesting to look names, places, things up that would have been so common back then but yet, meant nothing to me today (although I have to say some things I did know without looking it up!)
Anyway, again, another great classic that I'm glad I read!

Now, it just so happens in a white elephant gift exchange I recieved a 19" Ceramic Rooster. Dh and I have affectionately been referring to him as my ceramic cock. Yes, it's crude, I know, but I have to say, everytime we talk about him, we crack up laughing.
In honor of Chaucer I am hereby naming my ceramic cock Chauntecleer, after the cock in The Nun's Priest Tale.
I have to admit, I am giggling as I type. And it was very hard to concentrate on the story about the cock as I just kept laughing about my gift.
Talk about timing! LOL!

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