Monday, May 01, 2006

The only new stuff to report ...

is about my baby boy. Today he got his first tooth AND sat unassisted for some time this evening. I am so proud of him ... growing so quickly and wonderfully!!!
Of course, this weekend he needed a lot of TLC (probably because he was bothered by the new tooth??) which means I accomplished nothing. No knitting, no sewing.
But on the other hand I have memories of rocking, holding and cuddling this little baby. And while doing that, I watched my 3 and 6 year old run around, trying to be independent, and I know these days with him will be fleeting and will pass quickly. And before I know it, he will be running around with his big sisters and I will be left with lots of crafting time. And then, that will probably make me a little sad and missing these days ...

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  1. You put it so well!! It can be hard sometimes to remember tha, when it's been days since getting a moment to oneself. I get so antsy sometimes
    ("read it again, mommy!") but they do grow incredibly fast. Before we know it they'll be busy high schoolers and we'll have plenty of time to knit, staying up late, worrying about them when they are out past their curfew!


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