Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today ...

27 years ago my mom gave birth to ME! Yes, yes, it's my birthday today!! I'm so excited. I simply love birthdays, especially mine =)
Our day started as any normal Tuesday - one park district class for my 3 year old and then a class for my 6 year old. Came home and cleaned just a tiny bit, and the kids played outside. I worked on garage sale items (yep, we are having one here Thurs-Sat). And then we made a cake, ate dinner, then decorated the cake:

Woo-hoo! Our lovely cake creation!
My 6 year old and 3 year old made it with just a bit of help from me =)

Even better dh was home!! He wasn't supposed to be home tonight so I was SOOO excited when he told me earlier today he was going to be here =)
And then it was present time. So I got a LAMP! So exciting because my sewing machine is in the basement without the best lighting around.

Before the light (well, it's not that well lit, but it looks it because of the flash LOL!)
We had one lamp down there when we moved in, but it was old and it broke. So I was missing it. And dh, all on his own decided I needed a new one down there. And I am so pleased!

Holy cow!! What a difference! Now there is LIGHT! I love it =) Can't wait to work down there now =) It's so bright by my machine now! I didn't even realize just how badly lit the area was until I saw it with this lamp (and only 2 of the 3 bulbs are even turned on in this picture!!)
So happy and excited =)


  1. Happy birthday, Brandie! You have a great dh. When are you going to post pictures of the cardi?

  2. Happy Birthday!! Lucky you! There's nothing like having decent lighting while you work.

  3. Happy belated birthday hunny!!


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