Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Not much luck ...

Well, I started knitting a blanket last week. Somehow dropped a stitch and the little bugger unraveled down to the cast on row. So in my frustration I frogged the whole thing! Which is fine I guess, becuase I was making a little cough throw for a couch we ended up getting rid of this weekend. And now we have two different chairs in it's place - they are pink. The yarn I have is purple. Despite being cute for a little girls room, not quite what I want for my chairs! But the chairs do need to have slip covers put on or be reupholstered - probably they will get slip covers so maybe I can find something to coordinate with the purple yarn.
And I still can't find a nice sweater to make my babyboy. I don't want a cardigan, I don't want buttons, I don't want zippers, I don't want stripes, or little boats, or airplanes or trains or bunnies ... just a plain old sweater. You'd think it's out there. Actually, you'd think I could just fake it, but since I haven't done sweaters, I'm not ready to fake it. Good thing I have until fall to actually do something ... but by then I may be ready to fake it if I can't find anything I like! LOL!
So that is my crafting update for this week. Kind of sad?
Oh, I do have something good to say!! I finally found ribbon to match the fabric for my needle holder, so as soon as babyboy allows me to detatch him from my hip for more than 5 minutes, I can finish that. And on that note ... he's crying and wants to be picked up! ;-)

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  1. I've got a couple of ideas....the first sweater I made was in the second "Stitch and Bitch Nation." She's got a chapter on sweater design and includes a plain, basic pullover sweater for babies. Super simple, and you can adjust the size by changing the yarn.

    You could also check out the Ann Budd books, where she has basic patterns for all sizes. I think they go down to baby sizes.

    It's always so hard to find the "perfect" pattern, isn't it? :-)


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