Friday, May 05, 2006

Today ...

Worked outside almost all day long - aside from nursing babyboy (I had a teen helper here holding him for me a lot otherwise I would have hardly done anything). My mom came over to help me - together we cleared, we dug up stuff, we transplanted things, we clipped items and we rotatilled areas. Tomorrow I need to take pictures, but really I should have taken pictures yesterday to show the difference in the areas we worked today. The scary thing is that we didn't even do probably half of the places that need to be cleared up. And although we moved somethings (hostas and daffodils) we pretty much just prepared areas to be planted. I have a feeling the whole yard will not be finished this year. No, I take it back ... I know the entire yard will not be finished this year. There is no way. If I did all that I wanted to, trees and huge bushes would be taken out of this yard and I know that won't happen. So I just need to work around those areas. And even assuming I have to skip that part, I'm sure other parts will be skipped as well.
But, considering some of these areas haven't been touched we are guessing for maybe 5 years - other parts just 3 years - well, we made good progress. Bless my mom because she helped out tremendously. I admit it fully I had no clue what I was doing. I didn't even know some of the things out there were weeds and not real plants! Nice, huh? LOL!!!

Also wanted to add thanks to Lottafor the suggestion on the yarn. I will have to look into some patterns. I can see me wearing the white - but I'm not a big wearer of blue ... but maybe it might be something to knit for someone else. I'm pondering it ... although I'm also wondering if I can simply use the white for me and dye it another color? Hmmm ... so many things to ponder! LOL!!! So, yeah, if anyone else has suggestions/advice I'm still open to it LOL!

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