Thursday, May 18, 2006

2 finished projects today ...

I finished two things today! I finally sewed up the hood (poorly too if I am being honest here LOL!) to the baby cardi. I didn't put ties on it. I don't know that I want to actually ... I guess I'll have to think about it and see how I feel after he wears it (and no, it hasn't been blocked or anything like that yet)

Baby cardi

from the back

I also finished the blanket I was knitting to free up the needles to make a different sweater - only to discover the yarn I have doens't remotely work and if I actually looked at the yarn for more than 2 seconds before picking a project, I would have known that honestly @@ So, yeah, apparently I'm on a roll today - but it's not a gooed one LOL!
But, let me stop rambling ... the blanket looks good. I do need to weave in ends, but since I don't think I need to give it to anyone (most people are having boys it seems) I'm going to procrastinate as long as I can! LOL!

Anyway ... I'm off to find another sweater pattern to use with the yarn I have.



  1. Love the cardi! Do you like it?

  2. You go girl! Great projects!

  3. Hey the Baby Cardi is my next project...It looks really cute and I am glad to see the hood looks like it is big enough...My hood is ripped out and being reknit


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