Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some progress ....

Well, the body of the baby cardi is done. Now it just needs sleeves, ties, and a sewn-up hat.
I have a few sewing projects that are in various stages of being done.
I have not done anything for project spectrum yet :-( Nor have I finished a bag for sew I knit :(
Ugh. Having a crafting slump just stinks. No motivation around here at all ... better find some quick!
Of course, I need to also remember I have a baby who wants to be held all day and I've been having a lot of extra kids over here lately ... a neighbor will ask if her son can stay for a bit while she runs out (which is fine because he's usually playing with my daughter when she asks anyway so it keeps her busy) and I've been helping with my aunt's 4 kids as she is in the process of moving, and then sometimes we have 2 other kids here to help out. Fun, but exhausting and it doens't leave a lot of time leftover for *me*
That said, the reason the body of the baby cardi is done is becuase I went to stitch n bitch Tuesday. I don't know if I stitched or bitched more, but regardless it was fun and I had a blast.
And oh, I started a dishcloth (small and easy to carry). And I recieved confirmation that I did make it into the quilting class I signed up for! YEah! =)

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