Friday, May 05, 2006


For the ABC along there is a contest for the best I picture .... I read about it awhile ago and have been racking my brain for a great I picture - the prize of yarn looked fabulous and I wanted it.
So I racked my brain of I words. I knew I needed to have an ingenuous idea. I need to be imaginative and an innovative thinker.
So I thought about things that are me and could be photographed.
Maybe an I-cord to show my knitting ... nah, too boring.
Sometimes I feel like an idiot ... nah, how do you take a picture of that?
I suffer from insomnia ... maybe a picture of a clock showing 2 am. But no, that's not what I want.
How about inspiration I thought? I could take a picture of my inspiration to craft! But truth be told ... I usually get inspired in the heat of the moment because I see something I like and want to create it myself. So it's hard to pin down one thing for inspiration.
I asked my husband ... he said I was intelligent. That's arguable so I passed LOL!
He then suggested I scan the I section of the dictionary to find a word to win.
Yes, I admit it .. I did. I pulled out the dictionary.
Then I thought I am completely irrational sometimes. I suppose looking through the dictionary to find a great I-word to enter the ABC-along contest shows just how irrational I can be. Or when I go to the store and buy more fabric when I have 2, okay 3, boxes of fabric downstairs. I am irrational when I buy stuff just in case I ever want to make something when I really deep down know I won't really make it LOL! I am irrational when I decide I have to learn yet another craft but in order to do it properly I must go out and spend lots of money to get every tool I might need and buy more supplies than I can probably use over the course of a year. I am irrational when I have to have another diaper bag just in case the other 4 somehow won't work. Or when I have to get another purse because it's cute, bring it home, use it once, and decide it's not so cute afterall. I am irrational some days when I secretly hope babyboy will stay up later than the rest of the family because I know I can lay him down and knit for about 10 minutes without interruption. I am irrational when I stay awake late at night to finish that really great book even though I know I will be dead tired the next day and I have three kids who will need me. I am irrational for thinking about I words for so long to get some more yarn (becuase the 3 boxes and 2 bags full of yarn downstairs just aren't enough) and goind to far as to look up words in the dictionary! Yes, I am irrational at times, okay maybe a lot of the time! But that's who I am and I like me this way! And even my dh would admit he likes me this way (although he probably wishes my irrational ways didn't usually mean spending money LOL!)
So here is my picture: my irrational self perusing the I section of the dictionary trying to find the perfect word!

I is for irrational!

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  1. I love your taste in books and it doesnt hurt that you knit ;)


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