Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bummer ...

I was going to snap a few pitures tonight but alas my camera is in my car, and I'm too lazy to go get it!
But I finished knitting the baby cardi - I need to, however, sew up the hood, block it, and do all that finishing stuff.
I also completed a dishcloth that I wanted to snap a picture of.
I am in the process of finishing a blanket I started, well, over a year ago! Why the sudden desire to finish it you ask? Well, I need the needles for another sweater I would like to make the babyboy. So I decided I needed to clear the blanket off the needles (it was one of the things I intended to do in my "spring cleaning" earlier this year, but didn't then. Now I have good motivation though! LOL!
I am collecting lots of patterns of things I do want to make soon though! And of course, I have a few embroidery things I want to make and several sewing projects .... too many projects, sew little time ;-)

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