Friday, April 26, 2013

2 Years

Two years ago I wrote this post.

Two years.

I can't lie. It feels both much, much longer. And every so often, it seems like it hasn't been that long. {Though that feeling is rare and often fleeting}.

Two years.

Alright, alright. What I'm really thinking is two effing years.

Two effing years.


On another, related note. Since today is my two year canciversary (?) it seems fitting to share this here today. My children helped me make this video. It's for a contest Avon is holding for walkers this year. I'd like to point out, I didn't give my kids scripts. I told them generally what I wanted and let them go.

I thought we had everything we needed when my oldest told me she had something more to add, and that's how the ending came about! I teared up then. I tear up every time I watch. I'm told, I'm not alone in it.

So here you go, why I'm walking in the Avon 2 Day walk this year

Happy Friday everyone!


P.S. The song in the video is by the very talented Monica Allison.


  1. Time is weird. TWO YEARS? And also, ONLY two years? It seems like so, so long ago that we were in that restaurant and you said that phrase...

  2. Oof, my heart! Can we vote for this somewhere or something? Congratulations!

  3. I'm coming up on my 2 year mark of the brain tumor and surgeries. I know how you feel! YAY and time to celebrate!


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