Sunday, April 07, 2013


Today I walked.

6 miles. I walked partly along a path I had never walked before. The sun was shining, warming my skin. I actually took my jacket off.

The sky was blue. Clear blue. Like on a summer day with hardly a cloud in it.


Birds were chirping their merry tunes. Although they were quite camera shy. I tried to snap several pictures but as soon as it they sensed I might even be thinking of getting close, they would fly away and sing from another spot.

Flowers were starting to bloom. Stems peeking up from the dirt. The grass shifting from brown to green.


It was truly, a beautiful day. Beauty was all around me. And I thought how weird it is that we live in a world with such beauty, and yet such heart break. So much wonder, and yet so much pain. Pretty things, pleasing to the eye to see, soothing to the soul to hear. And yet, so much ugliness.

I suppose the beauty is there to offset the ugly. It does - but not always enough.

Yet there is comfort in still being able to see the beauty. I'm going to try to hold onto it this week. It's going to be a long week. I will do my best to pass the time with my crochet, with my walking, and spending time with my family. And if the sun could stick around for a bit, that would be lovely.

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