Wednesday, April 24, 2013


sky before the storm - taken last summer
Storm clouds - dark, swirling 
Pouring down sadness and pain 
Sunshine, please come back

 I wrote that last week, late at night, and sent it out on Twitter. I don't often (as in almost never) write poetry, but it just seemed so fitting.

Last week was such a heavy week. It seemed like every time I turned the news on another story was breaking or changing or updating. It was all so overwhelming. Boston, West - in my thoughts.

And here? Here it literally stormed a lot last week. Many areas around us flooded - some areas still flooding. We personally were okay. Some roads in our town were shut down for a bit which made for an interesting commute for the husband.

This was all mixed with still feeling pretty overjoyed that the spot biopsied was not cancer. Last week I had one of the best appointments with my oncologist. My body is healing (again). Iron levels are still low, but so much more improved than where they were at their low. And my body promptly celebrated all of this by getting some sort of virus.

Last week was full of so many ups and downs, such an intense week.

And here we are, another week. A busy week for us - baseball and softball have started and there are a lot of practices to be juggled with the first game taking place over the weekend! Because that's how it works. Life keeps going. The sun keeps rising. Even during the hard times. 

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