Thursday, April 05, 2012

One down ...

In January, I shared my bucket list with you all.

And in February, I was able to cross something off. Just before a snow storm came into Chicago, my mom and I took off and headed to Las Vegas.

{Side note: I must tell you how this trip came to be. In December on one of my trips to the ER, I called my mom pretty much bawling. And she said something along the lines of "Just get better and when you do I'll take you to Vegas" And I was all, okay, I'll try really hard to get better then. And still crying and all that. Later I assumed this wasn't actually a serious offer, but alas, it was. I know. My mom does spoil me}

We arrived late on a Thursday and even though I should have gone right to bed, I took a little time to just look around and soak it all in. Also, Las Vegas is always hopping. We didn't do too much though because we had to be up very early on Friday, because we had booked a tour to go and see the Grand Canyon.

Okay. The Grand Canyon. I can't even describe just how amazing it is. It goes for what feels like forever. Pictures do not do it justice. Seeing it? Made me feel so small. And made the world seem so big. I could have spent the entire trip right at the canyon. (also do people who live out there ever just get used to it? Or does it always remain so amazing in their eyes?).

We walked out onto the skywalk - which is SO very cool.

I could have happily just sat there all day long!

I still can't get over just how big. And amazing. And awesome it was.

Then we headed back to Vegas. I was SO exhausted by this point. Okay, I have to totally admit, I fell asleep at the picnic table for lunch. I'm kind of embarrassed by this. And in my head I imagine people were thinking "You came all this way, to this wonderful place, and are sleeping?" We stopped by the Hoover Damn on the way back too, but I was barely awake enough to get out of the bus, look, and then get back in to sleep!

We stayed at Caesars!!

We got back into Vegas and I, naturally, napped some more. And then we ate and hit the hotel's mall and casino. (Also, these are not hotels in Vegas, they are like complete complexes. I've never been to a hotel with a mall in it. LOL!)

At the mall I got an awesome coat. Which I love. A lot. And we walked around and of course, we had to get a drink. I mean, we were in Vegas. The drink felt about as tall as me. (I'd like to take this moment and say we were very responsible and didn't do anything we needed to regret the next day. Nor did I do anything I couldn't tell my husband. That said, it doesn't mean I will tell all the stories here ;-) )

I did a little bit of gambling. I also learned I am the most unlucky gambler in the world LOL! I didn't even break even. But, it was okay. We had a blast =) And also, my mom is much more lucky than I am.  Although she didn't win the 12 million jack-pot on one of the slots even though I wished so hard she would!

And then, it was time for me to just crash. =)

The fun didn't end there, but I'll have to come back and tell you about the rest of the trip later!

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