Friday, April 06, 2012

Vegas part 2

So, my Vegas adventure continued and just kept on getting better and better!

Saturday we woke up (not early though!) and headed over to New York, New York and went on the roller coaster.

Now, God bless my mom, but oh my gosh, if you want to have fun, go on this ride with her. I was laughing on this ride, she was so funny - screaming. The best part though, is we get off and she tells me how she couldn't breath or talk or anything while we were on it. Um, no, trust me. My ears heard you LOL! Poor thing. But it was a lot of fun!

We walked around. I got to go into the Coca-cola store. I love coke. I'm pretty sure my body is like 50% coke at this point in my life (yes, I drink too much coke. No, you don't need to tell me it's bad for me. It's my vice. And my vice could be a lot worse. So. There. LOL!) And the m&m store. And just walking and taking in the sites.

I *think we stopped into the Paris hotel too. And got a nice yummy drink in an Eiffel Tower cup (that did not survive the trip home). And walked around the stores there. I do remember it was a fair amount of walking. And stopping to window shop.

But, the best part of Saturday? The best part? Was heading over to the Mirage ...

to see the Cirque de Soliel Love (The Beatles show). Now, I've seen one other Cirque do Soliel before. In Disney and my 9yo was about 18 months old. And so I knew, I just knew, we were in for a good show. But this show? Blew me away! The stage was constantly moving and changing and shifting. There was stuff up in the air and down below. It felt like wherever you looked, there were people doing some amazing things! Also, I now wish I was an acrobat =) Because I think working on the show has to be so fun. A lot of hard work too, but I mean really. How awesome would it be to be all "Oh, you're a computer programer? I'm an acrobat for Cirque de Soliel." Anyway, the show? It was just so cool!

Sunday was a pretty jam-packed day too. We started by going to the Price is Right Las Vegas show. Joey Fatone was the host while we were there.

Okay. So. As you can see from the picture, my mom and I are see-through. We were wearing green shirts that said Lucky. And this picture was taken in front of a green screen. So, um, yeah, we got a good laugh out of seeing it! Neither of us was picked to play, but we still had a good time.

Then more walking around. We eventually ended up at the Venetian. And we rode one of these:

Our driver (umm, okay, so driver isn't the right word. I think it's Gondolier? But I can't remember) was this nice man, who had an amazing voice. Just gorgeous. He is also originally from Italy and moved here with his family. And did I mention his gorgeous voice? Because seriously? It was amazing. (Somewhere I have it on video. I will try to upload it). It was a very lovely and romantic boat ride with my mother =)

Sunday night we headed over to Fremont Street. We had a very tasty dinner there. I'm pretty sure I commented that I was eating the best mashed potatoes of my life once or a million times! Then I waited in line, and my mother patiently waited out of line, to go zip-lining over Fremont Street. Now, in general I'm not a fan of heights. I've zip-lined before, but it was from a point much closer to the ground, and a much shorter line. So, I was nervous. But this zip-lining, at that moment, felt like, I kicked cancer's ass and so I am totally going to zip-line now. (some had suggested I should sky dive to commemorate getting through it all. But alas. I am not that brave. I will never be. My heart is racing just even thinking about it lol!). And I'm so glad I did it. It was incredible. I got to the end and the guy who helped me off the line and out of the gear asked why I was there. And I was all "This is my I-survived-cancer treat." So I learned his grandmother also had breast cancer, got some major high-fives, a hug, and just felt awesome. (related: I think I'm in love with zip-lining and am ready to conquer higher/longer runs! Maybe later this year. We'll see!).

 Monday I slept in as long as we could, checked out of the hotel. We walked around a little bit. Not too much though. And then it was time to head to the airport to head home. I'll admit, Monday I was sore and achy and tired. But still happy. As I told my mom though, we planned the trip perfectly. I had an amazing time while we were there, but was missing my husband and kids. And so I was happy to be heading home.

  But, the trip? Was so seriously incredible. I just can't get over how much fun we had. And I'm so thankful to my mom. We have already had "next time we go back" conversations! =)

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  1. I am totally smiling for you. Loved the green screen pic and am picturing you ziplining...


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