Monday, April 16, 2012

Mr. Mouse comes to visit!

This weekend my son brought home Mr. Mouse. This is a class project - every weekend Mr. Mouse goes home with another student. They have lots of fun all weekend and then the parents get to write in Mr. Mouse's journal, and on Monday, the teacher shares the journal entry with the class. Since I had to write up all about our weekend, I thought I'd share here. But, as you can tell, the emphasis is clearly on my 6yo ;-)

Friday April 13, 2012

Today I got to go home with Mister Man! I was so excited. Mister Man and I ran all the way from the bus stop to his house! Right away I got to meet Mister Man’s Mom, his two sisters (Miss A and Miss M), his 2 cats (Marcy and Roger). I was a little nervous about meeting the cats, but they were very nice to me =) 
Then I got to meet his hermit crabs. Mister Man keeps them on his dresser in his room. 

Mister Man also showed me his butterflies! His family had some caterpillars at his house. They all made a chrysalis. Three of them had come out as butterflies. There was one left and we were pretty excited because Mister Man’s family noticed that it was wiggling around a bit. We thought the last butterfly would be coming very soon! Mister Man’s family also had a praying mantis pod that they thought could hatch any day. 
After I met everyone (and everything in the house) Mister Man and I started to play. We played at his lego table. And we played in his room. And we played some games. Mister Man really likes to play connect 4!

But soon we needed to eat dinner … Mister Man had a baseball game Friday night to go to. After dinner, Mister Man’s dad came home from work (so I finally got to meet him) and took us all to the game.

Mister Man’s game was fun, but it was cold out! All the kids played a great game. Mister Man helped get a couple of outs when he played first base and had some good hits!

When we got home after the game, we noticed a 4th butterfly in the butterfly net! We were so excited. Mister Man’s mom even set up a video camera so we watched the video. It wasn’t very clear, but it was still so fun to watch. I’ve never seen a butterfly come out of a chrysalis before.

Saturday morning we woke up and things were exciting! The praying mantis pod hatched open! There were SO many of them. They just kept coming and coming. Praying mantises are very tiny at first. Then we helped Miss M feed the butterflies. They like to drink out orange slices and to drink sugar water. 

After lunch it was time to go pick Miss M up from softball practice and drop off Miss A at her softball practice. 

After that we went to the Bartlett Library. There are so many books there. And they also had movies and cd’s and computer games and even Wii games! We only had time to check-out some books. Mister Man told the librarian that I liked the books about me and so she showed us where we could find some more to read! She was so smart and helpful!

Then we had to hurry and get to another baseball game for Mister Man! He sure is busy with baseball. But he had another very fun game. I really like his team. They are called the White Sox.

After the game, we went home and  had to let some of the Praying Mantises go because it was too crowded in their home. Some of them crawled on us when we opened the lid up. They kind of tickled a little!

Then Mister Man’s grandma came over to see us. We went shopping together and then went out to eat at Red Robin. They have the BEST fries ever there! And? We got to get shakes. Very delicious! Then we headed over to the pet store. I really liked looking at the animals that are there. Mister Man’s dad got some crickets to feed to the praying mantises. 

By the time we got home, we were pretty exhausted. Mister Man fixed up my bed all nice and cozy for me. And we were fast asleep!
Sunday was a pretty exciting day. When we woke up, Mister Man and I just hung out. And played a little bit. Mister Man and I played school with his sister Miss M. But the best part was still to come.

We got to go to a birthday party. And at this birthday party there was rock climbing! Mister Man was an awesome rock climber. He tried all three spots we could climb up. After he go the hang of it, he even took me up with him. It was a little scary being high up off the ground, but I knew we couldn’t fall so I felt better about that. It was just so much fun! And then we ate pizza and cupcakes! I really had a fun time at the birthday party!

Sunday night we did some crafts. Mister Man made a picture with a lot of glitter. There was glitter everywhere! But I liked his picture a lot. Then Mister Man’s mom had the idea to make some things with duct tape. None of us have ever used duct tape to make crafts, but it turns out it’s a lot of fun. We made a baseball hat for me, to wear next time I get to go to a baseball game! It’s red and silver and so it matches my clothes. Then we all made duct tape wallets. Mine is silver. Mister Man made a silver and red one. And his sister Miss M made a red and orange wallet. 

And then, it was time for bed, which was good because I was pretty tired again!

I had so much fun at Mister Man’s house with him and his family! I’m so happy that they let me come and hang out with them!

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